Is HSU required to observe civil rights laws where they exist?

Yes. HSU does not discriminate because of race and keep the law of the land above anything.

Are all Christian Institute, Seminaries, Universities and Collages the same?

No. Not all of them the same. The Christian universities and seminaries has many and different purposes. Is this school you are going to choose is accredited? What kind of Accreditation they have. There are several groups who accredit for different reasons. What language, method of learning, academic standard they have? Accrediting Commission International exists to help the Religious World to obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated. If you carefully study our full catalog you will discover Why HSU is the right university you need to spend your next few years studding with us.

Are there any residency requirements?

No, HSU is a 100% distance learning – online study university. You do all of your coursework from home by correspondence or online!

Can I buy a degree without studding for I have a lot of qualifications?

No. There are no such degrees for sale. And also there is no such life experience replaces the academic learning standards. If you are looking for a degree without learning, you are in wrong place and The HSU is not the university you are looking for. You can also read the section Why HSU.

Can I order courses online?

Yes, and it's very easy. Simply go to Section IV and complete the online course order form.

Do all schools and universities who are accredited by Accrediting Commission International (ACI) accept credits from HSU?

Yes. One of ACI requirements is that member schools and university (Which are now 320 Schools in 39 States in USA and in 9 countries in the world) accept credits from HSU if they apply to their programs.

Do other schools outside ACI accreditation receive HSU credits?

This depends. Some schools, state governments, and industries have accepted credits etc. because of HSU membership with ACI. But HSU makes no guarantee outside ACI membership.

Do you accept credit transfers?

Yes. You may receive up to 25% of the credits for your bachelor’s degree and graduate degrees. See our Catalog for full details.

Do you hold a graduation exercise on campus?

We have held a few impromptus graduations in the past, however, at this time we have elected not to have a published annual graduation exercise. This keeps us in concert with the fact that we do not have residency requirements and many of our students could not find the time nor find the funds to attend.

Do you offer a student visa to the foreign students?

No. HSU has no such privilege to offer or to help getting any kind of visa or immigration for students because they studies by distance (By Correspondence or Online).

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, in a sense of helping to cut the cost. (Review the section Financial Aid in the catalog for more details). But we do not have any kind of government financial aids. But we recommend for each student to get someone or some church to help you and support you and may sponsor your Christian education (Please review the section of Financial).

Do your classes qualify for GI Bill reimbursement?

We do not qualify for military benefits at this time. However, we do offer a 10% military discount on tuition to current service members and veterans to show our appreciation for the sacrifice they have made for our country.

Does accreditation make a school "above the law of the land" ?

No. ACI members are encouraged to work in the bounds of the laws of the country or state where they live.

Does HSU accept life experience credit?

Yes. You may receive up to 25% of the credits for your bachelor’s. No life experience be given for graduate degrees. See our Catalog for full details.

How do I request a catalog?

You may Download our complete catalog as an Adobe PDF file which you can then easily print, we do not have a printed catalog at this time (Because there is new things we add everyday), our website contains all of the information that is in our printed catalog, and much more.

How do I submit my payment information?

You can submit or update your credit card info Here.

How much is the tuition?

Each degree is different. The associate and bachelor degrees are $ 79.00 per credit hour. The Master degree is $ 109.00 per credit hour. And the Doctoral Degree is $ 132.00 per credit hour. Each course is 3 credit hours. Also you can visit our catalog for full financial aid. If you plan on taking courses one at a time, the average three-credit course of bachelor Degree costs about $79.00 X 3 Credits = $ 237.00

How much time will I need to spend on campus to earn my degree?

Since we are a totally distance learning seminary, you do not need to spend any time on campus for residency requirements. Having to travel and spend time away from home is a difficult thing to do for our adult students. Most students have a job and family and cannot make the trip for time and monetary reasons. This feature is our niche.

Is HSU accredited ?

Yes, HSU is fully privately accredited with the highest accreditation associations and agents available in the world. HSU is certified member with the Florida Council of Private Colleges, Inc. (FCPC). HSU is also, a candidate for accreditation of the largest accreditation commission in the world with a network of over 320 university, institute, colleges, and seminaries. For details, see Accreditation and Authority.

Is the program completely online?

Yes, most of the books, audios and/or videos quizzes and exams that make up the course materials are online. May be some course materials need to be shipped to you. Then you will be able to correspond with your instructor online, or by any other method you choose. You may also submit your coursework online and/or via email. In addition, you will have the opportunity to fellowship with other students and alumni in the HSU Online Community, which includes forums, a chat room and more.

What if my question isn't listed?

Try doing a search of our entire Online Catalog. Just type in what you are looking for and click Find it.
If you don't find what you're looking for, please Contact Us.

What is the average cost for gaining a degree in Holy Spirit University?

Of course there is standard cost list for each degree the HSU offer. But, the costs vary according to the degree you are intending to earn, the life experience, the degrees you already have and other factors. The total cost usually not much if compared with the secular collages in USA. According to the Bottom Line Magazine; the comparative costs for a Bachelor's Degree in a private college is US$100, 000 and the cost in a State college is US$50,000 and the cost in HSU is only US$9,480.00. Please review the section Kinds of Degrees.

What major areas of study are available?

See our complete list of all Degree Program.

What online degrees are available?

Degree Program section had complete information about all available degree and programs. We offer degrees from Associate to Doctoral in different major.

When can i start?

Immediately! Because there is no physical classroom to attend, there is no set schedule that you must conform to. If you plan to enroll as a student to earn a degree, you need to meet all the requirements of enrollment. As soon as you fill the application and registered using Online Application and receive an acceptance letter from us, you can start studding your first course. If you just want to study one course without enrolling for a degree, you should fill another application form and you can choose the course and studding it immediately.


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