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General Council of Ministers, USA (GCM) is a vital department of Holy Spirit University, Inc (HSU) even it is registered officially separately. The GCM is officially registered in the state of Florida under the Parent incorporation, Holy Spirit University. The HSU is registered with the State of Florida since June, 18th. 2004 for Graduate and postgraduate studies. Part of the mission of HSU Raise Leaders ... Know the Word ... Apply It”is to help the graduate students as well as the Christian leaders to be effective ministers for the edifying of the body of Christ, the church. From this point, the General Council of Ministers, USA begins.

The General Council of Ministers, USA (GCM) is build for who are looking for recognition and to become qualified for the purpose of ministry. GCM is dedicated to help people who called to serve the Lord and the body of Christ to know their purpose of life, to become qualified for the ministry, to be licensed to do the work of ministry. GSM is not intent to interfere of control the ministers in their daily activities, rather to overseer and recognize them according to the Word of God and to get them accountable for their deeds for the purpose of ministry.

Ordination and/or ministerial license is the key to beginning your ministry. We welcome this opportunity to invite you to be ordained and/or to get your ministerial license by the General Council of Ministers, USA. GCM's main purpose is to help spread the Christian Faith and the Word of God by making a way for the ministers and who called for ministry to be ordained or to get their ministerial license. We provide this service to the Christian community with all sincerity. We feel that being ordained is a decision that will transform your life and bring you new meaning and deep personal satisfaction and purpose before God and men. As an ordained minister you will have full legal authority to do all Christian services. You may start a church, start a ministry and do all the same things that mainstream clergy do with all the recognitions. We authorize you to perform all Christian religious services including the rites of marriage and baptism. You will be authorized to use a formal title before your name such as Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, Preacher, (or other similar Christian titles). You will be entitled to the respect and consideration that is customarily given to ministers of religious organizations.


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