Executive Staff

Rev. Nabil AsaadRev. Dr. Nabil Asaad, Ph.D.

Founder President/Chancelor

Reverend Nabil Asaad, Ph.D. is a recognized Pastor and teacher to God’s Word. Evangelist and speaker in revival meetings and crusades, author and publisher of many (over 25) spiritual books and many theological references he has thousands of sermons and bible studies verse by verse on audio and video format. He is the founder and president/CEO of Al Kalema Television Network 2009 to present (24/7) covering the whole earth, producer and host of several weekly live shows. He is also a founder and president/Chancellor of Holy Spirit University, Florida, USA, since 1998 till present (Fully online studies English/Arabic). He is graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy of Egypt 1984, then became full time minister same year. He is the founder and pastor of Arabic (Central) Assembly of God Church, New Jersey, USA since 1991 till present, as well as, founder and pastor Arabic Assembly of God Church in Toronto Canada (1995 - Present). He holds many conferences, revival crusades which draws thousands of people.He is an Ordained Pastor with the Assemblies of God, USA (A/G) as well as an Ordained pastor with pentecostal Assembly of Canada (PAOC).
Dr. Nabil Asaad is the founder, president and chancellor of The Holy Spirit University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA. He is one of the visionary and achiever of God's plan for this age. Dr. Asaad is used to be a pharmacist, and earned Bachelor degree of pharmacy as well as three Doctorate Degrees in Biblical Studies, in Christian Counseling/Psychology and in Christian Education.

His Education

  • He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Egypt in 1984.
  • He graduated from Zion Bible (Institute) College, Rhode Island, USA in 1989.
  • He received a Management Certificate Program from Middlesex County College, New Jersey, USA in 1999.
  • He earned a Doctor of Theology in Biblical Studies from Florida Theological Seminary, 1998, By Dr. Harold L. Shindoll.
  • He earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Christian Counseling from Florida Christian University, in 2001, then another Doctorate Degree in Christian High Education from same University.

 Mervat AsaadDr. Mervat Asaad, Ph.D.
Dr. Mervat Asaad, Ph.D, is the Executive Administrator of the Holy Spirit Ministries International, in New Jersey/New York, USA since 1992. She works in the capacity of Vice-President of Holy Spirit University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA since 2004. She is co-minister with her husband Dr. Asaad, nationally and internationally. She earned a Doctor degree in Philosophy with emphasis of Christian Administration in the year 2003. She is Co-Founder and Vice-President/CEO of Al Kalema Television Network, Inc, a 24/7 Christian Arabic TV on Satellite covering the whole earth. She hosts weekly different live TV shows on Al Kalema TV Sattalite channel since 2009 till present.




Abeer BashoutMs. Abeer Bashout, Th.M.
Ms. Abeer Bashout is full time Executive Secretary with the Holy Spirit Ministries International, in New Jersey/New York, USA since 1993. She works in the capacity of Treasurer/Registrar of Holy Spirit University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA since 2004. She earned a Master degree in Theology with emphasis of High Christian Education in the year 2001 from Florida Christian University, Orlando, Florida.






+ Rev. Dr. Nabil Asaad, B.S. , Th.B, Th.M. , TH.D. , Ph.D.
Founder, President, Chancellor and Chairman of the Board/Academic Dean
+ Dr. Mervat Asaad, Th.B, Th.M., Ph.D.
Co-Founder, Vice-President/Administrative Dean
+ Mss. Abeer A. Bashout,, Registrar/ Treasurer


Holy Spirit University's Advisory Board is composed of leaders from many streams of life, including spirituality, education, business, ministry, and counseling.

Rev. Richard Green, Former Assistant Superintendent of Pentecostal Assembly of Canada.
Dr. Earle Lee, President, of FCPC & CPCA.
Dr. Abe Johnson, President of Gulf theological Seminary, Talahassee, Florida.
Dr. Gary G. Tryzbiak, B.B.A., M.A., Th.D, Ph.D. President of Colorado Theological Seminary.
Dr. George Girgis, Ph.D. Chairman of Arabic Outreach Center in Toronto, Canada.
Dr. Mona Girgis, MD Executive Secretary of Arabic Outreach Center in Toronto, Canada.
Dr. George Assaad, A.B., Th.M., Ph.D. President of Middle East Bible Colledge, Egypt.
Dr. Price Roger, Ph.D., treasurer, American Missions Team International, Committee Chairman.
Dr. Verda Thompson, Ph.D., CEO, Dean of International College of Bible Theology.

3- Adjunct Faculty:

The Holy Spirit University will have adjunct faculty from time to time depending upon availability in the schedule of pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and other experienced Christian workers in the Lord's harvest fields.

4- Contributing Faculty of Faith Based Institution:

Contributing faculty at the Holy Spirit University are made up of quality individuals who have contributed to the courses with educational materials through authorship or editing of textbooks, audio or video tapes, audio CD's, or DVD's, published articles or periodical materials used with a variety of effective educational delivery modalities. A partial listing:

Dr. John F. Scheel, Ph.D.
Dr. Gary G. Tryzbiak, B.B.A., M.A., Th.D, Ph.D.
Dr. David Youngi Cho, B.S., Th.M. Ph.D.
Dr. Nabil Asaad,B.S., M.Th., Th.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Mervat Asaad, A.B., Th.M., Ph.D.
Abeer Bashout, A.B., Th.M.
Dr. Henery Theisen, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert Lee, Ph.D.
Dr. Meirl Teny, Ph.D.
Dr. Tomas Hold.
Oswald Alse.
Rev. Oswald Smith.
Dr. George Gitter.
Dr. James Moon.
Dr. Peter Wagner.
Cindy Jacobs, B.S.
Dr. George Assaad A.B., Th.M., Ph.D.
Dr. Stanly Horton, A.B., Th.M., Ph.D.
Dr. Earle Lee A.B., Th.M., Ph.D.
Dr. Abe Johnson, A.B., Th.M., Th.D
Dr. PriceRoger, Ph.D.
Dr. Verda Thompson, Ph.D.

P.S. Special Thanks to:
1) ICI University (Global University) who allow many of the courses to be available in Arabic Language, Missouri, USA.
2) International College of Bible Theology, And Colorado Theological Seminary, Colorado, USA.
3) Florida Christian University (FCU), Orlando, Florida, USA.
4) Florida Council of Private Colleges (FCPC), Tallahassee, Florida-USA.
6) American Mission Team (AMT), Norris City, IL-USA.
7) Midwest Seminary of Bible Theology (MSBT), Missouri, USA.
8) International College of Bible Theology (ICBT), Norris City, IL-USA.


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