History of HSU


Dr Nabil Asaad, BA, BS, MBS, ThD. and PhD, in New Jersey, founded Holy Spirit University in 1998 under the name of Holy Spiritnabil Theological Seminary (As School of Theology). In 2001, while already under the new administration, it became Holy Spirit University (HSU). It continues in compliance with State of Florida requirements to be a University and to award degrees from the Associates to the Doctors.


The establishment of the seminary was because of the love, help and direction of Dr. Harold L. Shindoll, the founder and former president of Florida Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. Also with all the appreciation to Dr. Anthony B. Portigliatti the president and chancellor of Florida Christian University in Orlando, Florida.

The HSU was affiliated with FTS & FCU in Orlando, Florida since 1998. Then become independent University in June 2004. In time, enrollment interest from various parts of the country virtually compelled the establishment of an extension/distance directed studies program in which the instruction portion of each course is given via video, audio, or in a few cases, via proctored direction. Soon, inquiries began coming from local churches desiring distance learning. Numerous Distance Learning students are enrolling, both in the U.S.A. and various other countries and continents, as a result of the ever-increasing realization by ministers, ministry associations, denominations, as well as individual believers of the great need for proper Biblical training and spiritual development in these last days in which questionable and heretical doctrine, deception, and false spirituality abound. All our courses are available in both English and Arabic (To cover the whole world include all twenty two Arab nations).

Dr. Harold L. Shindoll
Dr. Nabil Asaad said about him: "Dr. Shindoll was my teacher and mentor who helped me in a great way in my education and charged myshindoll life with the power of wisdom and understanding. He was the founder and president of Florida Theological Seminary. He spent days and weeks with me, my church and my family before he went with the Lord. They described him as a prophet to the nations and others described him as a teacher or pastor and he was more than that, He was like my real Dad. He always gave attention and preach 10 thousands as he gave attention to a one person like myself".


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