Christian Counseling (CC)

CCM - 550 Christian Counseling - I

Description: The Word of God teaches that every Believer is equipped with spiritual gifts (1Co.12:7-11; Ro.12:3). These gifts are given for the purpose of enabling Christians to fulfill his/her own individual call to ministry, as well as assisting and ministering to others in the Body of Christ and the world. Certainly not every person is called to ministry of Christian counseling; however, it is likely that, as one seeks to fulfill God’s plan for his life, he will encounter times when he will be called upon to provide Bible instruction to bring healing and care into the heart and soul of another. We can define Christian counseling by its difference from the typical secular counseling. Christian counseling is different in that it deals with the
spiritual dimension, rather than only the soul man. Christian counseling is based upon spirituality, which we find truths about in the Bible. Psychiatry, on the other hand, is based on what has passed for scientific research, which has been faulty at times. In this subject, we’re going to learn about the counselor, personal issues, interpersonal issue, and family issues.

CCM - 560 Christian Counseling - II

Description: Counseling is the attempt to provide encouragement and guidance to those who face a loss, a decision, or a disappointment that is devastating to them. Counseling then can stimulate growth, help people cope with problems such as inner conflict, emotions, and interpersonal tensions. It can help people to overcome life patterns that are self-defeating, causing unhappiness to good people. Counseling is then an effort to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, for He is the only answer to our problems. As counselors disciple people, they take on a pastoral role, probably the closest description of which is pastoral care. In this subject, we’re going to learn about Identity Issues like self-Esteem, physical problems, grief, being single (unmarried), choosing a mate (spouse), and developmental issues like parental responsibilities, adolescence, young adulthood, middle-aged person, the senior citizen and others.

CCD - 623 Counseling for Change

Description: (Counseling for Change) All counseling has the same goal in mind, change. There are various counseling methods used today. No matter which method is used, they all have three things in common; they see a need for change, they use verbal means to bring about change, and it is for the benefit of the counselee. However, all but one of these methods used by counselor’s world wide lack one thing in common, the basic understanding of the true nature of man. Christian counseling is the only method of counseling that knows and ministers from the standpoint of the true nature of man. Man is not just a physical creature with a soul. Man is a spirit first of all. He was made in the image of God. When Adam fell in the Garden of Eden he died spiritually, becoming less than what God intended him to be. To be an effective Christian 23 counselor it is crucial to have an understanding of Biblical theology. To understand the fall and redemption of mankind is necessary in giving sound counseling advice.

CCD - 629 Counseling Psychology & The Christian

Description: Many Christians today are caught up in counseling, which deals with the thinking and emotions (at least) in the human being. This will take in the area of psychology. Let us look at what these two areas are, so that we can better understand what this course is about. Psychology is, according to the
Webster Dictionary, "The science of the human mind in any of its aspects, operations, powers, or functions." A second meaning is, "The systematic investigation of mental phenomena, especially those 25 associated with consciousness, behavior, and the problems of adjustment to the environment "It is also associated with" The aggregate of the emotions, traits, and behavior patterns regarded as characteristic of an individual or type," according to Webster. Counseling is, by the same dictionary, "To advise; give advice to" A second meaning says, "To advice in favor of; recommend." The third meaning is "To take
counsel; deliberate" A synonym is given of "admonition" We can see reference to the word "admonition" and its root "admonish" in the scriptures (Ac.27:9; Ro.15:14; Co.3:16; 2Th.3:15; 1Co.10:11; Ep.6:4).

CCD - 630 Marriage Counseling

Description: What is a counselor? What is a marriage counselor? Many definitions might be written and certainly we should draw from Daniel Webster for a start. The root word “counsel” means A advice, opinion, and deliberation together, one who gives advice, especially legal, a lawyer, and an advocate.The verb transitive means A to advise, admonish, recommend. ”Adding the suffix" or "would give us the understanding of" to advice, to admonish, to recommend." So, we would expect that a marriage counselor is one who gives advice or counsel on marriage. In this subject you’re going to learn about Choosing the Right Mate, Practical Guidance in Mate Selection, Premarital Counseling, Counseling Effects, Marriage Problems, Counselor and Counselee, Working through Marital Conflict, and Preventing Marital Problems.


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